This page is dedicated to the various activities of farming which takes place on the property.  The missionaries in California built Missions which included schools, farms, and of course, the Church.  At Nne Enyemaka, we have a Church, a school, and now, a farm.  As of October 31, 2016, we are raising chickens, turkeys, rabbits, and pigs.  We have many flowers aranged around the property to beautify it and to place on the altar.  We reaped an okay size crop this year with much corn, some eggplant, casava, peppers, various herbs, cucumbers, and native pumpkins.

Our animals are growing quickly.  Our pigs, this October, gave birth to over 50 more piglets and only a few died shortly after birth.  We have sold a few of the turkeys, eaten a few turkeys, and have 13 eggs in the hatchery..  We keep around 300 chickens at all times.  There is an ongoing cycle of chickens, buying and selling, for the forseeable future.  The rabbits are multiplying and we have sold a few couples to people to start their own rabbit farm.

Below are some pictures which will be kept up to date regarding the progress of the farm.

The farm.jpg The farm1.jpg tilling the land.jpg                             
Jan (11) (1024x576).jpg Jan (12) (1024x576).jpg Jan (14) (1024x576).jpg Jan (20) (1024x576).jpg Jan (26).JPG Jan (27) (1024x576).jpg                             
dec 021 (640x360).jpg dec 022 (640x360) (2).jpg december 006 (640x360).jpg december 007 (640x360) (2).jpg december 009 (360x640) (2).jpg december 011 (640x360) (2).jpg                             
Nov 28 037 (640x360).jpg