After Benediction.jpg After Mass with his Seminarian.jpg After Mass.jpg Before Mass.jpg Benediction.jpg Blessing the Mass Servers after Mass.jpg Blessing the children after Mass.jpg Homily.jpg In the Sacristy before Mass.jpg Our High Altar.jpg Picture 047.jpg Picture 052.jpg Picture 053.jpg Picture 054.jpg Picture 060.jpg Picture 063.jpg Picture 064.jpg Picture 065.jpg Picture 071.jpg Picture 072.jpg Picture 073.jpg Picture 074.jpg Picture 075.jpg Picture 090.jpg Picture 098.jpg Picture 100.jpg Picture 103.jpg Prepares for Mass on another sunday.jpg Studying the Missalette.jpg Studying the Missalette2.jpg The Parish Choir in rehasal.jpg The Priest arives.jpg The Sacristian tells the priest about the Mass of the Sunday.jpg The former chairman of the Parish Council now the Patron greeting the other members of the Parish.jpg