1. The overgrown road access.JPG 2. Mass servers clearing the road access.JPG 3. Mass servers clearing the road.JPG 4. Mass servers again.JPG 5. Praying the breviary.JPG 6. The stumps are like weeds.JPG 7. Burning back the bush.JPG 8. Watching the ashes for fire.JPG 9. Keeping the flames down.JPG 9.1 How the stumps are removed.JPG 9.2 Cutting stump roots.JPG 9.3 Very tough work.JPG 9.4 Big gnarled stump.JPG 9.5 Climbing the palms to affix a rope.JPG P1264639.JPG P1264645.JPG P1264648.JPG P2074672.JPG P2074673.JPG P2074674.JPG P3104717.JPG