Traditional Latin Mass at the Cathedral


11 August 2016



From July 31st until August 10, 2016, Nne Enyemaka parish held its first of hopefully many annual boys’ summer camp, Camp St. Patrick. Thirty-two boys from the parish, as well as surrounding villages and cities, came out for the ten days, none knowing what to expect since summer camps are virtually unheard of here! The boys, however, quickly learned the ins-and-outs of how camp works; after being divided into four teams, many excelled in sports, games, flag-making, skits, camp fire singing and especially catechism, all the while competing for the Saint Patrick Cup. They also enjoyed three outings to a nearby zoo, the Biafra War Museum and to Holy Trinity Cathedral in Onitsha, where the body of Nigeria’s only Blessed (Blessed Tansi, the camp’s co-patron) is housed. The ten days were completely packed with activities, and they ended with a hard fought victory by Team St. James. The first annual Camp Saint Patrick was a great success, and we look forward to having the boys back again next year for an even better time.  See pictures here.


Traditional Latin Mass at the Cathedral

7 April 2016

For the Year of Mercy, Nne Enyemaka Ebebe Parish walked 14 miles on a pilgramage from the Nne Enyemaka Shrine to Holy Trinity Cathedral in Orlu so that the parishioners might gain the plenary indulgence attached to entering the doors of the Cathedral.  The Pilgramage took place on March 19th, the Feast of St. Joseph.  Over 200 people processed, praying the rosary the whole way with hymns inbetween the mysteries.  Many confessions were heard so that all might receive the plenary indulgence, and also as a preparation for the upcoming Holy Week.  His Lorsdhip, the Reverend Doctor Augustine T. Ukwuoma, the Bishop of Orlu diocese, granted permission for the Traditional Mass to be offered at the High Altar of the Cathedral at the end of the procession.  It was the first such Mass ever offered there as the Diocese was created after the changes to the Liturgy.  Upon entering the Cathedral, a group of 50 children studying for their First Communion joined the parishioners of Nne Enyemaka and witnessed the Tridentine Mass for the first time.



Website Updates

14 November 2015

Our website has a few pages that have been added recently, and the Current Events page (found on the bottom of the Navigation Pane to the left) is usually updated weekly.  There is a page for Medical Assistance, which shows some of the work that the Fraternity contributes to here in Nigeria.  There is a page for St. Michael the Archangel School, which is in its second month of existence.  There is now a page dedicated to the farm life here at the parish.  There are also updates regarding the building of the church which can be found on the Construction of a Traditional Church tab on the left.  As we resume, at a greater pace, the construction of the church, we welcome those who know concrete work, want to donate a month or two of their time, and wish to visit Nigeria.  We want to thank all of our benefactors for all they have done for the Parish.  A lot has been donated already for the construction of the church, and though we still have a ways to go, things are progressing daily.  The Parish has many things going on, and so we will try to keep each of the pages updated on a regular basis.  Please browse through them, and the photo galleries, to get a view of life here at Nne Enyemake Ebebe Parish.



St. Michael the Archangel School has begun!

5th October, 2015

Nne Enyemaka Ebebe Parish has started a small boys school under the patronage of St. Michael the Archangel, who is the secondary patron of the Parish.  After a Votive Mass of the Holy Ghost for the beginning of a new school year, classes began on Monday, October 5th.  The boys will take classes in English, Math, Science, Latin, Scripture, Catechism, History, Agricultural Theory, and Music.  They will learn how to farm crops, as well as assist with the pigs, chickens, and turkeys.  The day begins with Lauds, followed by a reading from Sacred Scripture, and Holy Mass.  Classes, six per day, begin at 8:45 after breakfast and chores.  After an hour of farming, they will attend Vespers and the Rosary.  The day ends with Compline in the Chapel and the boys retire after a blessing from Father.  We have started with humble beginnings with the hope that this will flourish here in Nigeria.

Album of the Opening of the School