Become an Associate Member of Nne Enyemaka Ebebe (Mother of Perpetual Help) Shrine

            We kindly invite you and your family to become Associate Members of Nne Enyemaka Ebebe Shrine, Umuaka, which is a centre for traditional Catholicism in Africa, under the auspices of the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter (FSSP) and the Catholic Diocese of Orlu.


1.      You and your family will have a share in the Two Thousand (2,000) Hail Mary Devotion offered the second Saturday of every month.

2.      Holy Traditional Latin Mass is offered each Sunday (at 7:00 am) for the benefactors and their friends.

3.      You will have a share in the Rosary Processions covering thirty (30) kilometres and taking place on May 13th, June 13th, July 13th, August 13th,                          September 13th and October 13th of every year.

4.      Your intentions shall be placed at Our Lady of Perpetual Help Shrine

            It is expected that all members fulfill certain obligations such as:

1.      To make a financial contribution each month for all the projects at the Shrine.

2.      To take part in the National and International activities of the Associate Member’s forum each year.

Kindly fill the form and return it to the Shrine by email (NigeriaFSSP@gmail.com) or letter to enroll as an Associate Member of Nne Enyemaka Ebebe Shrine.  You can track the progress of the Church Construction, as well as get updates on the various activities which take place at the Shrine on this website.