This Week at Nne Enyemaka



March 1st


Rabbits, rabbits and more rabbits!  The Parish Farming Project has expanded to include the raising of rabbits.  1 female pig was sold last week, but the rest of the females are just about ready to give birth to little piglets.  They each hae their own separate little pen now so that they down get violent as the time approaches.  Almost 20 turkey eggs have been taken to the incubator, and the chickens have begun to lay eggs as well.  They are not yet laying at full capacity, but hopefully soon they will.  The Confraternity of St. Peter here in Nigeria held a day of prayer for the ordinati of the Fraternity at the seminaries in Wigratzbad, Germany and Denton, Nebraska.  Charles Ike, a seminarian from Nigeria who spent a few years here at Nne Enyemaka, was ordained to the Subdeaconate and on March 12th, along with his 11 classmates, he will be raised up the the Deaconate.  Nne Enyemaka is also preparing for a long procession to Holy Trinity Cathedral in Orlu for the Year of Mercy.  His Lordship Bishop Augustine Ukwuama has given permission for the Traditional Latin Mass to be offered in the Cathedral.  The Parish will process the 24 kilometers from Nne Enyemaka Ebebe Shrine to the Cathedral on Saturday, March 19th, the Feast of St. Joseph.  The Diocese was made after the changes to the Mass, so this will be the first Traditional Latin Mass offered there.

Two of the pipes in our bore hole developed cracks, and so we pulled the 380 ft of pipe and pump out of the ground to fix it.  The pump still works fine and a couple new pipes later, pure water is flowing again.  This is quite important for the local community as many come to draw water from our tank and the children in the school next door come over to drink throughout the day.

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