This Week at Nne Enyemaka



February 14th


Stations of the Cross are held at 4:30 PM every Friday at Nne Enymaka Ebebe Parish.  Every other week, little wooden crosses having been set up down a different road in the village, the Stations of the Cross start in the Church and process throughout the village, again ending in the Church.  There is a large wooden cross which the men talk turns carrying throughout the few mile procession.  People come out from there houses to join us when we reach the station closest to them.  Pictures of the procession can be seen in the photo album titled Stations of the Cross in the 2016 Tab.



February 8th


As a last hurrah before Lent, the Knights of the Altar and St. Maria Goretti Guild held a Talent Show.  There were many songs sung and played on the keyboard and on the flute.  Various little skits were performed and some carnival type games were played.  There was a water balloon toss competition which quickly devolved into a water war.  The Knights of the Altar played a Volleyball tournament and a Ping Pong tournament.  Handel's Messiah, the Pie Jesu, and the Te Deum, as well as a variety of other Catholic hymns were sung beautifully by some of our very talented parishioners.  St. Michael's School continues as we approach the middle of the second trimester of the school year.  The making of blocks progresses as 5000 blocks have now been made.

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