This week at Nne Enyemaka

September 26, 2015

A few of the Knights of the Altar, along with the priests, visited the shrine of Blessed Iwene Tansi, a Nigerian Cistercian monk.  He is currently under an altar at the Cathedral in Onitsha, the first place the Catholic Missionaries came at the end of the 19th century.  Afterwards, we met with a group of people who have been working on getting the Tridentine Mass offered more often in Onitsha.  Down the street from their house the Missionaries of Charity run an orphanage for infants and toddlers.  Another exciting event took place this week with the birth of 10 baby turkeys.  Below, a few of them have ventured out from underneath the mother, who just over three months ago gave us 13 turkeys.

IMG_1360 (800x600).jpg IMG_1372 (800x600).jpg IMG_1373 (800x600).jpg IMG_1393 (800x600).jpg IMG_1396 (800x600).jpg                             







September 19, 2015

The Knights of the Altar, along with some of the men of the parish, took down some trees along the driveway which will be replaced with fruit bearing trees.  They dug six trees out, roots and all, over the course of the week.  The pictures below show the sharpening of the machete for cutting the branches, carrying the stumps to the wood pile, the chainsaw cutting the trunk down to size, the immense trunks, and the man power to move them.




IMG_1346 (1700x1275).jpg IMG_1347 (1024x768).jpg IMG_1348 (1024x768).jpg IMG_1349 (1024x768).jpg IMG_1350 (1024x768).jpg IMG_1351 (1024x768).jpg IMG_1352 (1024x768).jpg