This week at Nne Enyemaka Parish


October 31st


The month of October was rounded out with a great week.  Pictured below are the planks of wood taken from the trees that were cut down around the building of the new church.  The students helped to make a wire cage for the chickens, which are growing faster now.  More cages are currently being built.  The Knights of the Altar, which was inaugurated last month, had 6 more members join its ranks.  Word of the Knights has spread throughout the village.  Even boys not belonging to the parish visit to see the handbook, the rules, and what it is that we do.  October Devotions ended with about 50 of the faithful coming Saturday evening for the Rosary and Benediction.  After a good morning's work, the Knights of the Altar and the students of St. Michael's School spent the afternoon having fun at the lake.  The water was not as blue as it was last year, but it was nice and cool as the temperature slowly begins to rise.

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October 26th


On the Feast of Christ the King, Nne Enyemaka Parish honored the Kingship of Christ by a Eucharistic Procession around the property, through the main street, and back into the Church for a Litany of the Sacred Heart and the Consecration of the Human Race to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.  The Construction of the Church took some steps forward as 800 bags of cement were purchased, just before the price skyrockets after the rainy season.  Trees that had grown up along side the Church were cut down to make room for the construction. Also this week, a volleyball net was set up for use by the parishioners and by the students at the school.  The Knights of the Altar removed the roots from the trees that were sticking up out of the ground, tied the net to the trees, and drew a string for the boundaries.   Everyday this week, for an hour or two, volleyball was played. 

IMG_1525 (640x360).jpg IMG_1581 (640x480).jpg IMG_1584.JPG IMG_1589 (640x480).jpg IMG_1590 (640x480).jpg IMG_1593 (640x480).jpg IMG_1595 (640x480).jpg IMG_1598 (640x480).jpg                             






October 17th


The boys here at St. Michael's School got their new desks this week.  They are quite happy they don't have to keep lugging their supplies around.  They also got a close up look at the biology of a goat.  In thanksgiving for a funeral Mass and Burial for their mother, a family donated two large goats.  One was slaughtered this week.  The boys assisted and afterwards proceeded to butcher the goat.  Everything in the goat is used for something; nothing is wasted.  Though not pictured, we now have almost 300 baby chicks, less than two weeks old.

IMG_1496 (640x360).jpg IMG_1498 (640x360).jpg IMG_1501 (640x360).jpg IMG_1504 (640x360).jpg IMG_1505 (640x360).jpg                             






October 10th


St. Maria Goretti's Guild, a group of young women dedicated to following the example of St. Mari Goretti especially with regards to purity, made an excursion this weekend to spend a day in the life of the Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate at their Sanctuary in Abia State.  Thirteen young women, one server, and Fr. O'Brien made the trip, after some construction detours costing over an hour delay, arriving in time to freshen up for Matins.  The Sister's pray the entire Divine Office in Latin.  They also run a Charity Home for orphans and the less fortunate.  The Guild, which recently learned how to make rosaries, made over 100 rosaries for the orphans and for the Sisters to distribute as part of their charism to spread devotion to Our Lady.  Mother Superior found time to talk to the St. Maria Goretti Guild about the religious life, charity to the poor, and the great need for chastity.  We thank the Sisters for their great hospitality.

maria goretti guild 001 (640x360).jpg maria goretti guild 007 (640x360).jpg maria goretti guild 012 (640x360).jpg maria goretti guild 048 (640x360).jpg maria goretti guild 050 (640x360).jpg                             






October 3rd


We have begun our Octobet devotions, which include 15 decades of the Rosary said before the Most Blessed Sacrament and concluded with Benediction everyday for the whole month.  As the only Shrine in the Orlu Diocese dedicated to Our Lady, it is a great priviledge to honor her with the Rosary during this month.  Our small flower gardens are looking quite beautiful now, with a variety of colors to adorn the Main Altar and Our Lady's statue.  We have laid a concrete floor for our pigs.  The pictures below tell the story of the work that went into it.  We are also still finishing up some clean up from the trees that were cut down a short while ago.  The wood is used for firewood to cook with, and the locals use it to keep themselves warm when the temperature drops below 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

IMG_1396 (800x600).jpg IMG_1409 (800x600).jpg IMG_1413 (800x600).jpg IMG_1416 (800x600).jpg IMG_1421 (800x600).jpg IMG_1424 (800x600).jpg IMG_1431 (800x450).jpg