This week at Nne Enyemaka Ebebe Parish


Christmas Time

Merry Christmas from Nne Enyemaka Ebebe in Umuaka, Nigeria.  Christmas photos may be seen below.  There is caroling throughout the surrounding villages almost everynight until February 1st, the end of Christmastide.  Midnight Mass was celebrated in candlelight.  Communion calls were made on the days following Christmas.  One of our large pigs got a little curious as to his neighbors, so he thought he would take a peek.  About 170 out of 200 chickens have been sold to make room for the newer batch.

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December 25th

Merry Christmas from Nne Enyemaka Ebebe in Umuaka, Nigeria.  Christmas photos will come soon.  We got our new large cement mixer which had to be hoisted up with a tree to get it off the truck.  There was still some cement inside though and so one of the boys endeavered to chip it out with a hammer.  That didn't quite work so we put the jackhammer to the test successfully.  We have fixed up the pig pen so that it will be ready for the sows to give birth and nurse the little piglets.  We finished up school and sent them home until January for Christmas break.  They are shown below taking an examination for the first trimester.  The Harvest and Bazaar was very exciting.  For seven hours, items were being auctioned off.  The faithful donate items which are then auctioned and the proceeds donated to the Church.  We auctioned 25 chickens, 2 turkeys and a pig from our farm.  Pictures can be seen here.  The Nativity Creche, at least the shelter, was brought out in preparation for Christmas.  At the Shrine, we had Midnight Mass in candlelight, which was preceded and followed by Christmas Carols.  Then we had Mass at 7 and 10 am as well.  From now until Epiphany, the Choir and volunteers will travel around singing Carols each night.  Glory to God in the Highest, and  Peace to men of good will!

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December 12th


This has been an exciting time at the Parish.  On the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, 7 of the members of St. Maria Goretti Guild, the girls group dedicated to living in purity, dressing modestly, and preparing to become holy women, consecrated themselves to our Lady striving to maintain chastity amidst the rubble of the world.  The other 11 members renewed their consecration.  The girls also learned how to bake a cake, which tasted fantastic.

The farm continues to grow as more seeds are planted.  The chickens are almost outgrowing their cages.  They have one more week to go before they are sold at the Harvest and Bazaar.  The pigs should bring forth little piglets in February.  Click the link to see pictures.

The Church Construction also took another major step forward thanks to our many benefactors.  Twenty tons of rebar were purchased and brought from Lagos, as well as a concrete mixer, scaffolding, a jack hammer, a generator, and a few other tools that will assist in the building of the Church.  The next step is building an incredible number of bricks which will begin in the next week.  Click the link to see pictures.

The biggest news of the week is saved for last.  Mr. Dominic Rizzo from Maple Hill, Kansas, USA, has arrived to assist at the School, the Choir, and various other functions at the Church.  He is a most welcome addition to the Parish.

A ping-pong table and a foosball game were donated to the Parish.  They were assembled by the Knights of the Altar with the assistance of the priests.  They have been put to much use already.

Also pictured below is what they call "bush-meat".  It was served as lunch.

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