30 January 2017 - The church construction is continuing in full force.  32 pillars have been poured, 2 in the sacristy, 6 in the sanctuary, 16 in the nave, 4 under the choir loft, and 4 in the front of the church, 2 of which will stand 50 ft. tall though currently they are 17 ft above ground.  The steps, and porch in front of the church have been poured.  The stairs leading to the choir loft have been poured, and hopefully, in the next week, the choir loft itself will be poured.  It will sit on top of the pillars, 17 ft above the floor of the church.  After the choir loft is finished, there will be built a 2 ft x 1 ft beam that will sit on top of the pillars going around the entire church.  On that beam, the cement blocks will be laid until the height of the church (50 ft) is reached.  Besides the beam, the other looming project is the construction of the 2 arches, 1 in the sanctuary and the other in front of the church.  The arches will stand on two pillars which are 30 ft apart and begin about 20 ft above the floor.  Again, we can do none of this without the generous support of our benefactors, in the United States, Europe, and in Nigeria.  Please keep the construction of the new Shrine to Our Lady of Perpetual Help (Nne Enyemaka Ebebe) in your prayers, and as a reminder, Holy Mass is offered every Sunday for our friends and benefactors.


19 February 2017 - The choir loft has been poured, the beam on the gospel side was poured on February 18th, the beam connecting the pillars in front of the church have been poured, and bricks have been laid up to 12 ft above the choir loft with space left for a 30 ft wide window 5 ft above the choir loft floor.  Bricks have also started being laid on the wall behind the Altar.  Next week the beams should be finished, the large pillars in the front will then be raised another 10 ft, and the 30 ft wide, 15 ft tall arches will be engineered.

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Beam on Gospel side Feb 19th (2).JPG Beam on Gospel side Feb 19th (3).JPG Beam on Gospel side Feb 19th.JPG Choir loft Feb 19th.JPG Construction of the steps from the choir loft.jpg Construction on pillars 1.jpg Construction on pillars 2.jpg Construction on pillars.jpg Front of the Church Feb 19th.JPG