July 2017:  The Church construction is still moving along.  As of July 18th, half of the angle iron trusses have been lifted of to the top of the building and welded on large i-beams.  These heavy objects are lifted with an old fashioned rope and pulley system.  The Facade of the church has been plastered, the sides of the upper part of the church (the nave) are being plastered now.  The parapet around the church has been poored with a gutter formed inside.  The roof materials are being purchases (New Zealand step down tiles).  One the facade, the round windows can be seen on both sides of the arch.

Looking forward:  The lower sides of the Church will be plastered, the angle-iron trusses will be installed there once the plastering and roofing is done on the top of the upper part of the Church.  The tiles will be installed, fully protecting the church from rain.

Pictures of the Church