During this period of construction, the main focus was on forming strong pillars upon which to build the main walls of the church.  The floor of the church was broken open at the location of 32 pillars.  At each place, workers dug a 5ft by 5ft square, 8 feet below the floor level with shovels for the pouring of the base of the pillars.  The base is 2ft deep, and a 4ft by 4ft square.  The pillars are 18 inches in diameter, 16 ft above the floor level, spaced 12ft apart from eachother, and about 50ft across to the pillars on the other side.  There are 2 pillars in front of the church, 3ft in diameter, which will stand 50ft tall.

At the same time, a concrete lintel was poured around the outer wall of the church which now awaits the steel trusses for the roof.  These will tie into a beam which will sit on top of the pillars, about 20ft in from the outer wall.

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